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Best 6 Burner Gas Grill in 2022

Sara Henz
  Aug 19, 2022 8:21 AM

Construct quality and service warranty was likewise vital factors to consider, considering that a 6-burner grill is a major investment. You'll locate a purchasing overview that covers whatever you need to understand about selecting the most effective 6-burner gas grills for you.


If you require to prepare supper for the entire family, there are a couple of devices much better than a 6-burner gas grill. These grills are big and sufficient to deal with several pounds of meat and veggies together on the contrary sides of the grill.

In order to aid you to locate the best 6-burner gas grill, we checked out many of one of the most prominent models on the marketplace today. We tightened it down to simply 5 high-grade grills-- you can discover in-depth reviews of each of our choices listed below.

We invested a lot of time checking out attributes like the cooking area and also the warming shelf dimension. Which ultimately establishes just how much food you'll have the ability to place on your grill.

Construct quality and service warranty was likewise vital factors to consider, considering that a 6-burner grill is a major investment. You'll locate a purchasing overview that covers whatever you need to understand about selecting the most effective 6-burner gas grills for you.

Out Top Picks:


1- Weber Summit E-670

The grill includes a huge 769 square inches of grilling area. This indicates that you can fit a whole bar-b-que's worth of food on the grill at a single time. On top of that, the grill provides 145 square inches of heating shelf space and an incorporated stove heater in the appropriate side table.

The Snap-Jet private burner ignition system allows you to activate one burner at once. The infinite control valves likewise give you an outstanding degree of control over how much heat your grill is producing.

Weber consisted of flavorizer bars between the food preparation grate and also heaters. When grease trickles down onto these warmed bars, it develops smoke that after that adds to the taste of your food.

The grill is solidly constructed, with a roomy closet beneath the primary cooking location. Customers noted that the stainless-steel building feels extremely solid. Weber's 10-year guarantee on the grill as well as heaters provides a boost of confidence that this design is made to last.

The Summit E-670 liquid propane grill from Weber is a powerful and versatile cooking tool, perfect for backyard chefs of all levels. With 769 square inches of grilling space, this 60,800 BTU gas grill can accommodate even the biggest crowds. The six burners are made from stainless steel and come equipped with Snap-Jet individual burner ignition systems – ensuring precise and consistent heat control every time. The side burner, Sear Station burner, smoker burner, and rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner each offer their own unique features and benefits, making the Summit E-670 an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. Grill out under the stars with ease – the Summit E-670 includes two Grill Out lights to help you see what you like.


  • 769 square inches of cooking room.
  • Integrated oven burner Infinite burner shutoff controls.
  • Individual burner lights system.
  • Flavorizer bars and front-access oil tray.
  • 10-year warranty


  • Very expensive

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2- Char-Broil Efficiency 650

The grill's six heaters are all housed under a solitary lid, and with each other, they're capable of producing 60,000 BTUs of warm. In addition to that, the grill has an integrated side heater that you can make use of for boiling water or other cooking jobs.

It provides 650 square inches of cooking area, plus an extra 280 square inches for maintaining your food warm. They additionally liked that each of the burners can be sparked separately. Although the procedure had not been as smooth as for the more expensive Weber grill.

Looking for a sleek, durable gas grill that packs a ton of features? Look no further than the Char-Broil 463274619 Performance Series 6-Burner Gas Grill. This grill comes complete with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, making it rust-resistant and easy to clean – perfect for busy grilling enthusiasts. Plus, its electronic ignition ensures quick and easy starts every time. With 15,000 BTUs of searing power, this grill is perfect for locking in juices and creating flavorful steaks. And when you're done cooking up a storm, the power-source type selector makes switching from propane to natural gas a breeze. So don't wait any longer – order your Char-Broil.


  • Excellent value Great for searing burgers.
  • Significant warming rack as well as 650 square inches of cooking room.
  • Great customer support from Char-Broil.
  • Five-year warranty on burners


  • No gas gauge.
  • Ignition isn't totally seamless

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3- Monolith Grills 6 Burner Lp Barbecue Grill


This high-grade six-burner barbecue grill from Monolith Grills offers an incredibly impressive 72,000 BTUs of warmth. However, it includes stainless-steel cooking grates as opposed to porcelain-enameled grates. So you'll require to switch them out for the best sears

The heater control knobs are back-lit with LEDs, which makes the grill much easier to run if you're cooking after dark. The cover has actually an incorporated temperature scale for checking your food preparation temperature. As well as the appropriate side table has a cooking heater so you can make use of the grill as your detailed dinner terminal.

In addition to that, this grill is spacious. It features 634 square inches of key cooking area, along with a substantial 266-square inch warming up a shelf. The grill additionally features a rotisserie device, which is ideal if hen or turkey gets on the food selection for dinner. The grill is well constructed from stainless steel and includes a large cabinet with numerous racks that you can use.

The Monument Grills 77352 6-Burner Stainless Steel Cabinet Style Propane Gas Grill is perfect for the serious griller. With six main 304 stainless steel burners and one side burner, this grill has a total BTU of 84,000, enough heat to handle any outdoor cooking situation. The 900 square inches of the cooking area provides plenty of space for large cuts of meat, while the stainless steel cooking grates and flame tamers ensure even heat and great flavor. And with the included rotisserie kit, you can cook up a whole bird or roast to perfection. So get ready to fire up some serious eats with the Monument Grills 77352 6-Burner Stainless Steel Cabinet Style Propane Gas Grill.


  • 72,000 BTUs of warm.
  • Integrated stove heater.
  • Pull-out lp tank tray.
  • Eight-year guarantee on burners.
  • The Rotisserie system consisted of


  • Stainless-steel cooking grate.
  • No gas gauge

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4- Royal Premium Mirage MG6001


This grill is separated into two areas: one with four heaters as well as one with 2 burners. Both lids include separate temperature levels determined. You can really keep a close eye on exactly how your food is cooking. The disadvantage is that you don't get a single large food preparation location for large cuts of meat like steaks.

What's distinct about this grill is that the rear burner uses infrared technology to offer up to 12,000 BTUs. Integrated with the porcelain-enameled cooking grate, this allows you to smoothly sear meats as well as to accomplish the classic grilling lines.

This grill consists of an incorporated side heater and also a two-sided cooking grate. Royal Gourmet just supplies a one-year warranty on the whole grill, including the heaters. On top of that, problems with fat building up outside the drip tray as well as triggering fires, which intimidates the lifespan of the grill as well as your safety.

With 700 square inches of primary cooking area, this Royal Gourmet cabinet propane grill provides plenty of space to cook up your favorite meals. The cast iron cooking grates are specially designed to trap flavors and juices, while the two stainless steel lids keep heat in and allow you to check on your food without losing any heat. The 96,000 BTU output from the four stainless steel tube burners and brass side burner is more than enough for any outdoor gathering, and the infrared rear burner ensures that your meats come out perfectly cooked every time. The included side table provides a convenient place to prepare food or set drinks, and the full cart makes it easy to move your grill wherever you need it.


  • Infrared rear heater for scorching.
  • Divided barbecuing compartments.
  • Integrated side heater.
  • Includes grill cover


  • Only a one-year service warranty.
  • Users reported concerns with fat build-up causing fires.
  • Split grill design isn't constantly excellent

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5- Megamaster 6 Heater Gas Grill with Open Cart


You get a grill with 543 square inches of cooking location and 210 square inches of heating space. The 54,000 BTU warmth outcome gets on the low side for a gas grill. The porcelain food preparation grate assists with burning meats like burgers.

Individuals additionally found that the digital ignition system on this grill is far from perfect. On top of that, this is one of the only grills that we assessed that does not have actually an incorporated heater on the side table. This suggests you may need to divide your cooking between within as well as outside.

Individuals noted that the drip tray on this grill does an okay task. You'll require to be watchful about cleansing the burner covers after every single time you utilize the grill. There's no temperature scale on the cover, so you can't keep track of the temperature level inside the grill.

The Megamaster 6 Burner 753 Sq. Inch Propane Gas Grill is perfect for the professional griller. It has a total of 54, 000 BTUs, providing enough power to cook up anything you desire. The primary cooking area is 543 sq. inches, more than enough room to cook for the whole family. Plus, the 210 sq. inch warming rack provides a place to keep food warm while you finish cooking. The electronic ignition makes it easy to light your grill, so you can get started cooking right away.


  • Economical.
  • Large food preparation location and also a heating rack.
  • Porcelain cooking grate


  • No temperature level gauge.
  • No integrated oven burner.
  • Brief 1-year service warranty

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6- Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas Grills


The Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill is the perfect grill for anyone who wants the best in outdoor cooking. With 769 square inches of cooking space, 6 stainless steel burners, and a host of other features, this grill has everything you need to get the job done right. The front-mounted controls make it easy to operate, while the Snap-Jet ignition system ensures quick, reliable starts every time. And with its enclosed cart and two work areas, you'll have plenty of room to prepare your meals. So if you're looking for the ultimate in grilling performance, don't settle for anything less than the Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill.


  • This grill has a high BTU total, easy-clean briquettes system to control flare-ups, even temperature, and interior halogen lights.
  • The Weber Spirit E-320 is a high-quality grill with an impressive BTU total and easy clean briquettes.


  • It is a really good grill, but it has some flimsy parts and the stove is quite pricey.

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7- Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 665 RSIB Propane Gas Grill


The Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 665 RSIB Propane Gas Grill is a top-of-the-line grill that is perfect for the professional chef or the serious griller. This high-powered grill has 99, 000 BTU's and 5 Stainless Steel Main Burners, making it perfect for cooking up a large feast. With 1140 In² of total cooking area, this grill has plenty of space to work with. The NIGHT LIGHT Control Knobs create a soft ambiance under the lid, while the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE Side Burner ensures that your side dishes will be cooked to perfection. The LIFT EASE Roll Top lid makes it easy to access your food.

With nearly 100,000 BTUs of power, this grill can handle whatever you throw at it. The five stainless steel main burners provide even heat distribution, while the infrared sizzle zone side burner can create a perfect sear. The lift ease roll top lid makes opening and closing the grill easy, even when your hands are full. And with an infrared rear rotisserie burner, you can cook up a delicious feast for your friends and family.


  • The reviewer waxes poetic about the qualities of this fridge, from interior lights to a bottle opener.
  • It has a lot of high-quality features, looks good both inside and out, and performs well.
  • Napoleon offers a limited lifetime warranty, with the exception of some items which may not be covered.


  • The assembly was difficult, with unclear instructions.

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8- Bull Outdoor Products 62648 Diablo 6 Burner Grill Head


The Diablo 6 Burner Grill Head from Bull Outdoor Products is the perfect grill for anyone who loves to cook outdoors. With six cast stainless burners, this grill can generate up to 105, 000 BTUs of heat, which is more than enough to cook anything you want. The infrared back burner also adds an extra layer of heat and flavor to your food, while the twin lighting system ensures that you'll always be able to see what you're cooking. Plus, the 304, 14 gauge stainless steel construction means that this grill will last for years and years.

The Diablo 6 Burner Grill Head by Bull Outdoor Products is perfect for the professional griller. With 16 Gauge 304 stainless steel construction and 46'' width, this grill head is sturdy and spacious. The included infrared back burner provides intense heat for searing meats, while the twin lighting system makes grilling at night easy. Plus, with zinc knobs and piezo igniters on every valve, this grill is easy to use and maintain.


  • Bull includes a grilling device to help with even heat distribution.
  • Bull has a special way of distributing heat to make for evenly cooked meat.
  • Bull's Diablo Grill is a luxury grill head, with quality construction and grilling area.
  • The Diablo is Bull's largest, most powerful grill with stainless steel construction and precision searing.
  • The Diablo is the most powerful grill on the market.


  • Slightly expensive

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What are the advantages of a 6-burner barbecue grill?

On top of that, 6-burner gas grills provide you with functional control over your food preparation. With six heaters, you can keep one side of the grill cranked to high warm, while the other side of the grill gets on low warm. The center burners can either be used to supply a change or deflected to divide the cooking routines for your food.

Six-burner gas grills share a variety of heaters in common, however past that there are a lot of vital differences in-between versions. In order to aid you to discover the best grill, let's take a look at a few of the most essential attributes you require to consider as well as just how they can influence your barbecuing.

Key cooking location and warming rack

If you're updating to a barbecue grill with six burners, among the reasons is probably to have more cooking area. All of the six-burner barbecue grills that we examined offer greater than 500 square inches of the cooking area over the burners, and also the Royal Exquisite grill supplies remarkable 700 square inches.

It's additionally crucial to think about the size of the warming shelf. Much like the primary cooking area, it's easy to use up warming shelf space swiftly.


The overall quantity of heat that your grill can put out is very vital, particularly if your objective is to attain the traditional grilling sear on your meats. With six heaters, all of the grills we evaluated deal a pretty impressive amount of warmth-- measured in British Thermal Devices (BTUs).

Construct high quality

Barbecue grills with six heaters aren't cheap, so you intend to make certain that they'll last. Every one of the grills we assessed is developed from stainless steel, which makes them rather heavy however additionally significantly a lot more long-lasting than more affordable options.


The size of your grill will certainly be figured out firstly by the amount of cooking room it uses. But grill sizes additionally differ somewhat because of the side tables that are added on either side of the food preparation surface area. The elevation is likewise essential to take into consideration. Every one of the grills we reviewed is around 5 feet high.


If you're great regarding cleansing your grill. So, it is essential to be protected with a prolonged service warranty for your 6-burner barbecue grill. We especially like the eight-year guarantee on the Monument Grills design as well as the 10-year warranty on our Editor's Selection Weber grill. Brief 1-year guarantees leave you footing the bill for repair services if something happens to your heater, even if it's not your fault.

Extra functions

There are a lot of additional features that can make your gas grill simpler to use. For example, every one of the grills we examined other than the budget plan Megamaster version has a temperature level determined on the lid that allows you to easily inspect the temperature.

This is necessary if you're trying to cook your meat or other food at a details temperature level. Also look for integrated stove heaters on the side tables of some grills, like on the Weber grill. With these burners, you can steam water or cook a side dish right on the grill-- so you do not need to run between your cooktop inside as well as the grill outside to prepare a complete dish.

Ultimately, be sure to take a look at how simple it is to disassemble the grill and also to release the grease catch. For far better or worse, you're going to need to clean out the inside of the grill with some frequency.

Final Thought

Our 3 overall favored six-burner barbecue grill is the Weber Summit E-670, the Char-Broil Efficiency 650, and also the Monument Grills 6-burner grill. The Monolith Grills version uses an impressive 72,000 BTUs of warmth, although customers were dissatisfied to find it lacks a porcelain grate to attain the best sear.

However, it redeems itself with LED back-lit control knobs and also an extensive eight-year warranty on the heaters. The Char-Broil Efficiency 650 grill is a terrific choice for day-to-day grilling, with a reputable ignition system, a lidded side burner, and a spacious closet for storing your food preparation tools.

We assume the Weber Summit E-670 is the overall best 6-burner barbecue grill on the market today. It's expensive, however, it includes a substantial cooking area, a private burner ignition system, a tucked-away rotisserie system. It is also an excellent 10-year warranty. If you're seeking to splurge on a grill or upgrade from your present version, this is the six-burner grill for you.

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