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Best Charcoal For Smoking in 2022

  Dec 10, 2022 5:38 AM

In this short article about Best Charcoal for Smoking, we will certainly assist you to locatea the best charcoal for your smoking requirements. 


We will assess the most effective brands, highlight the distinctions between briquettes and also lump charcoal, and also present vital top qualities and also elements you require to keep an eye out for, all in order to guide you to your ideal possible acquisition.

If you have a smoker after that it is vital to utilize charcoal to obtain that vigorous, mesquite, great smoky flavor. So, when determining what sort of charcoal to use it is very important to think about the essential facets and options of charcoal.

From swelling charcoal to briquettes there are numerous impacts charcoal can have on your meat when smoking it, all depending upon the type you get.

Out Top Picks:


Testimonial of the very best Charcoal for Cigarette Smoking

Allow's currently start on our listing of ideal charcoal brand names to use for smoking.

1. Masterbuilt MB20091621 Lump Charcoal


In addition to providing a flavorful charcoal taste for cooking at moderate temperatures, Masterbuilt Lump Charcoal can achieve high temperatures fast and reliably.


  • 100% top-quality hardwood
  • naturally sourced and burned in kilns with an artisanal flair
  • Ideal for barbecues from the Gravity Series and other charcoal cooking equipment
  • ideal hardwood mixture for all food kinds and temperature ranges
  • Clean burn for best performance and taste from charcoal.


  • Several large portions
  • Good value
  • Good taste


  • It ignites with a lot of crackling and sparking.

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2. Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes



  • Two packages of 7.7-pound charcoal briquettes
  • About 15 minutes later than other nationally available charcoal brands, you may start cooking.
  • Sure Fire Grooves facilitate quicker coal lighting.
  • Compared to other nationally available charcoal products, this kind has more edges for rapid, simple lighting.
  • Made in the USA using genuine wood and only natural components from North America.


  • Cost-effective
  • Smokey taste
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Prepared to cook after 15 mins
  • Little ash, as well as coals, stay together


  • Clients have actually reported shipping as well as taking care of problems
  • Lighter fluid is recommended, which can create a poor taste in your meat
  • Some clients discover it difficult to light without lighter fluid, regardless of being developed to be easy to light

What Current Purchasers Record

This product from Kingsford has won the self-confidence of many customers with its remarkable efficiency. According to customers, this charcoal is very easy to light and provides constant warmth throughout the food preparation session. In addition, it comes with an affordable rate when contrasted to various other charcoal, which is quite eye-catching for many individuals available.

Why it Attracts attention to the United States

An additional outstanding item from Kingsford, this charcoal is no less than various other products from the firm. They are designed to light easily as well as include natural ingredients to stay clear of any type of chemical flavoring in the meat. Furthermore, this USA-made real timber charcoal is ready to prepare in just 15 mins after catching fire.

Much like the various other Kingsford Briquettes these are developed to be simple to light, have all-natural components, and that fantastic smoky taste.

Nonetheless, these ones are ready for cooking in just under 15 minutes after lighting, whereas with various other briquettes you'll have to wait a prolonged time period.

Unlike various other charcoal, this is recognized for staying together, instead of falling apart upon cooking, creating much less clean-up.

However, for the very best flavor, it is recommended you use the lighter liquid. It is additionally suggested to pile the briquettes in a pyramid which will certainly take a considerable quantity of them to do so.

Many consumers have also suggested purchasing this brand in-store due to having issues with delivery, some also claim the briquettes get crushed to dirt by the time it shows up.

Despite people not such as needing to make use of lighter fluid for these briquettes, numerous have discovered an excellent replacement by using a chimney starter, by doing this you can maintain the pure flavor the charcoal would naturally release.

Who Will Use This The Majority Of

This charcoal comes at a practical price and also, consequently, can be utilized by budget-conscious individuals. They lack any chemical components and consequently give authentic great smoky flavors. Because they create less ash, they are appropriate for those that do not want to spend much time cleaning up the cigarette smoker after an event.


If you are searching for affordable charcoal, after that you have to obtain your hands on these original briquettes. Not just do they ignite easily, but they are assured to give a constant temperature level for a longer time throughout your food preparation session. The most striking point is you won't need to invest much time cleaning the room after you're done.

These briquettes are quick working as well as allow for little cleaning after you're done, however, you'll need a lighter liquid or a few other types of ways to get the coals lit.

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3. Wicked Excellent Charcoal



  • Lengthy burning
  • Swiftly spreading
  • Burns warm with correct airflow
  • Low quantity of chips, dust, and ash
  • Great at keeping low-temperature levels


  • Difficult to light
  • Just somewhat smoky taste
  • Varying shapes and sizes of swellings

What Recent Buyers Record

This charcoal has obtained several positive remarks from its customers because of its long burning. One of the most valued top qualities is simple handling, excellent warmth manufacturing, as well as wash. This implies you do not need to invest a lot of cash to purchase a variety of charcoal bags to make it through a BARBEQUE event.

Why it Stands apart from Us

Recognized for its length as well as warm burning capacity, this charcoal has actually obtained all that you need for your smoking requirements. It is made from natural wood as well as therefore ignites quickly. In addition, not only does it offer the ideal crunchy and smoky taste, but it additionally includes a good fragrance to make smoking cigarettes easier.

This hardwood swelling charcoal is terrific for all your cigarette smoking needs. This charcoal is hot-burning, low-ash, and burns for hours.

Not only do they use 100% natural ingredients but the manufacturer procedure is Eco-friendly as well.

The amount of chips, as well as dust when the charcoal shows up, is very low, so you can be sure your money will certainly be well invested in this.

The smell is somewhat smoky yet additionally has a fragrance scent, making it stand out from various other brands. Once you are able to light the charcoal, the fire will certainly spread out quickly.

There tends to be no size control on the swellings, varying from little pieces to large pieces. This charcoal likewise creates a little way too much smoke when you first light it as well as there seems to be no way to relax it down till it burns out.

This charcoal additionally often tends to take a while to get lit, and also it is vital to have correct airflow to stay hot-burning.

Nevertheless, this charcoal's greatest benefit often tends to be how well it can maintain low-temperature levels, and its lack of triggering and standing out.

Who Will Utilize This Most

The long-burning charcoal is an optimal selection for anyone that likes to arrange a friend or family hangouts in their area. This charcoal can be handled quickly as well as lasts for a longer time as well as is, for that reason, fairly suitable to be used for your BBQ parties. And also, it creates less standing out as well as sparks throughout food preparation.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this charcoal is good enough at preserving reduced and regular temperature throughout the barbecuing session. Made from hardwood, it produces immense smoke in order to supply smooth and crunchy, smoky flavors. Altogether, you won't find any type of far better alternative on the marketplace to select your smoker.

To conclude, this charcoal will melt lengthy and hot as well as is excellent at keeping lower temperature levels. Nonetheless, it's hard to light and also doesn't offer your meat that strong great smoky taste all the while creating way too much smoke.

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4. Fogo Super Premium Wood Swelling Charcoal



  • 100% pure hardwood For extended cooks, a 17.6-pound bag of super lump charcoal is ideal (Alternatively, FOGO Premium is better for everyday cooking)
  • charcoal in the form of lumps, ideal for ceramic designs Big Green Egg, Primo, Kamado Joe, and more types of kamado grills
  • At least 80% of the bag is filled with huge items that are 4 inches or larger; Longer burn periods are facilitated by the larger surface area of larger components.
  • Restaurant-grade charcoal makes it simple to achieve very high searing temperatures.
  • With charcoal, you can grill and smoke food more effectively since it burns for a long time. Size: 17.6 lbs.


  • No Sparks
  • All Natural
  • Smokey Flavor
  • Burns Warmer and Longer


  • Costly
  • Coals might sometimes be too large

What Current Customers Report

This charcoal bag is the foremost choice of customers whenever they need lump charcoal for grilling meat. It is very appreciated for being made from all-natural components as well as stands up to any kind of stimulation during food preparation. Additionally, they melt much faster and also last for a longer time period. Individuals report it to be great at supplying delicious great smoky taste to food.

Why it Attracts attention to Us

This lump charcoal generally sticks out from its competitors for its very easy lighting and also effective burning for a longer time. It is manufactured from wood as well as lacks any ingredients. With this charcoal, you don't have to stress over stimulation and also extreme smoke production. Although it might be hefty on your pocket, it is worth the price.

This lump charcoal is our front runner for different reasons.

Not just does this charcoal have a tasty hardwood smoky taste, yet each piece of charcoal is hand-picked so you get the best high quality. Fogo lights swiftly, as well as burns hotter as well as longer than various other brand names of charcoal.

You do not require to use the lighter liquid in any way to get this charcoal to start shedding, and it's natural as well as great sampling.

This charcoal is also excellent for both sluggish cooking and also rapid cooking, making it excellent for all sorts of meat.

When lighting this charcoal you'll discover no stimulation will certainly create, and that the smoke will be very little yet will still create lots of steam as your meat drips onto the lumps, contributing to the flavor.

Nevertheless, some may discover that the dimension of the charcoal is troubling to their smoking, particularly since this brand name tends to leave copious amounts of ash.

This charcoal also has a tendency to run much more costly than a few other, however truthfully it's worth the cost.

That Will Utilize This Most

One of the best swelling charcoals on the marketplace, this charcoal bag has shown to be ideal for both slow-moving as well as rapid cooking. It is excellent at keeping a consistent temperature and giving a smoky flavor to the food. From the rate point, it is not recommended for those on a limited spending plan.

Bottom Line

In case you are in search of the most effective swelling charcoal, you need to consider this wood charcoal from Fogo. It is optimal for all your grilling and also smoking demands. In general, if you want to invest some money, after that you must certainly opt for this item in order to include a smoky taste in your food.

On the whole, this product is all-natural as well as provides you with the very best taste, and also helps all your cigarette smoking requirements. Nonetheless, it's extra pricey than other brand names as well as may not be best for newbies.

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5. Kamado Joe KJ-CHAR Big Block XL Lump Charcoal

Lump Kamado Joe 100% Natural Since charcoal is created from actual trees, it burns cleanly and has a strong wood-fire flavor. Other manufacturers use wood that has been treated or repurposed from old furniture. Less wood-fired taste results from this. for moister meats, burns hotter!

Kamado Joe 100% Natural Lump Charcoal burns hotter since it is composed of hardwood. This enables you to reach temperatures suitable for searing steak. When used with a ceramic grill, which is highly insulated, you can cook meals with less heat overall, which results in moister meats. improved slow cooking due to longer burn times!

Because it is made of hardwood, Kamado Joe 100% Natural Lump Charcoal burns for a longer period of time. Additionally, you'll obtain the ideal ratio of little bits that ignite quickly and huge ones that burn slowly, enabling you to cook low and slow for a long time. There are not enough bigger bits and too many inexpensive little fragments in other lump charcoals.

less expensive per usage. Because hardwood charcoal burns hotter and longer than other types of charcoal, Kamado Joe 100% Natural Lump Charcoal is less expensive per use. You may reuse partly burnt charcoal if you shut the vents on your grill after you're finished.


  • 20 pounds of lump charcoal that is just natural.
  • Able to burn for up to 18 hours
  • Reusable three times maximum
  • Made from a combination of hardwoods, including White Quebracho, Guayacan, and Guayaibi.


  • 90% LARGE CHUNKS: MORE THAN 10 x 6 x 4 cm.
  • Your charcoal is kept dry in a paper bag with an inside plastic liner.


  • High price

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6. Royal Oak 100 Percent Hardwood Charcoal Pellets

Royal Oak 100% Hardwood Charcoal Pellets will make your barbecue the buzz of the neighborhood. These charcoal pellets, which are made from actual hardwood, will give your pellet grill a sweet and delicious barbecue taste. These pellets provide solely the desired genuine barbeque taste since they are free of coatings and additives. Even on your pellet grill, these hot-burning charcoal pellets will perfectly sear your food. The wood pieces resist water, saving you the headache of dealing with blocked augers, and the pellets are ideal for both high-heat grilling and low-heat smoking.

The pellets are ideal for your barbeque regardless of the brand since they include 30 pounds of pure charcoal and nothing else. They can be used on any pellet grill. These pellets will provide you with the results you want whether you're swiftly searing some mouthwatering steaks or quickly smoking a succulent brisket. To get the authentic barbeque taste, use Royal Oak's 100% Hardwood Charcoal Pellets.


  • 100 percent Royal Oak When grilling or smoking, real hardwood charcoal pellets sear in genuine barbecue flavor.
  • With no coatings or additions, real hardwood is used to create this product, giving it the savory, smokey taste of genuine barbecue.
  • Safe for use with any pellet grill, enabling you to utilize your preferred model while still enjoying authentic barbecue taste
  • Because pellets are water-resistant and don't clog augers, cleaning is simple and hassle-free.
  • catches fire at temperatures high enough to cook food with the desired genuine barbecue taste.


  • These pellets are excellent fuel since they burn hot and long.
  • Superb taste
  • When combined with other hardwood pellets, fantastic
  • Resistive to water


  • It burns rather too cleanly.

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7. Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

The newly constructed bag, which better protects the charcoal during transportation and results in bigger chunks and less dust and residue, is one of the charcoal's best selling aspects. Even though it's little, it has an impact on how the fire interacts with the coal.

Users claim that the South American hardwood used to make the coal is comparable to oak but doesn't have the bitterness that might sometimes intrude. Even with prolonged, slow cooking, the coal won't overshadow your cuisine because to its smooth and mild taste. The wood is specifically chosen for creating coal, and it is hand-cut and hand-fired in brick kilns that were specifically constructed for that purpose. To guarantee a consistent product in each bag, only the biggest and healthiest lumps are offered.

Additionally, this wood doesn't flash as much as some other varieties, making it a little bit safer and less dramatic to use and ignite.


  • Pure, very thick South American hardwoods without any additives, fillers, or waste
  • Low ash, no popping, and no sparking make it perfect for any barbecue, smoker, or kamado.
  • Heater temperatures (max over 1170F), twice as much cook power (over 7000kcal/g), and much longer burn times (4+ hours on open grills / 20+ hours in smokers)
  • Whether cooking whitefish or brisket, a mild flavor-enhancing scent enriches flavor profiles without being overbearing - use by itself or combine with your preferred wood


  • Smooth and mild flavor.
  • Packages keep the parts dry.
  • Heats steadily and ignites rapidly.


  • High price

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8. Royal Oak Chef's Select Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal

There's a strong likelihood that if you enjoy grilling with charcoal, you've used or at least heard of Royal Oak. Some of their finest briquettes are Chef's Select, however they might be difficult to locate. But hey, why should the experts get exclusive access to the best things?

These hickory and American oak-only, 100% hardwood briquettes, according to Royal Oak, are created from responsibly sourced wood. This combination of well-known woods produces a tasty smoke that is appropriate for smoking or grilling any kind of meat you choose.

It burns cleanly, producing less creosote, and requires less time to clean up than briquettes that produce a lot of ash. This is a huge benefit since cleaning ash out of your vents is not enjoyable.

Because of its distinctive form, cooking with it is also a pleasure. They resemble two little buns that have been put together. They catch and burn more faster than regular briquettes and burn more evenly because their profile allows for greater airflow between the pieces.

If you often barbecue, you'll value the 40-pound bag's durability and portability — as long as you can carry it and have a place to put it.


  • Premium lump charcoal in a 40-lb bag, ideal for smoking and grilling.
  • Made entirely from American Oak and Hickory Hardwood without the use of any other materials.
  • Excellent for cooking at both high and low temperatures
  • less ash is produced compared to other charcoals.
  • Built to be used in conventional smokers, ceramic or non-ceramic grills


  • Specialized form for cleaner, more equal burning, and enhanced airflow
  • A massive 40-pound bag will last forever.
  • Save compared to smaller bags
  • Suitable for any stove that burns charcoal
  • Hickory and American oak alone; no additives or fillers


  • Moving or storing 40 pounds of charcoal is challenging.
  • Paper bag seems to be too thin to support this much weight.

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9. Royal Oak 195228021 15.4# NAT Lump Charcoal

Affordable and excellent for beginner users who are still getting acclimated to the fuel, Royal Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal is also well-liked by seasoned grillers who like the smokey taste. American oak and hickory are used to make the charcoal.

It may be simpler to light than other kinds, provides more smoke, and burns a little bit more quickly. Although many other customers have reported no problems at all, some users have discovered that the quality may be variable and that pieces of rock or metal sometimes show up at the bottom of the bag.


  • May be used with any grill, including ceramic and kamado grills.
  • Made from sustainable oak, hickory, maple, and walnut, this product is entirely natural.
  • No additives or chemicals
  • For consistent grilling every time, a hotter and more even burning fire
  • In roughly 15 minutes, ready


  • Simple to light
  • An extremely hot fire
  • Affordable


  • Variations in quality

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10. Harder Charcoal HAXLWC33

The wood for this charcoal is obtained without destroying any live trees, making it exceptionally environmentally friendly. Harder Lump Charcoal is created from a South American Quebracho wood known as "axe-breaker." The Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and other grills of the kamado style, which maintain heat for prolonged low-and-slow cooking as well as high-heat applications, are particularly well suited for its use. It is effective with all charcoal grills.

For safer lighting and cooking, this charcoal generates little sparking, little smoke, and just the proper amount of flavor. You will have enough for grilling, family feasts, and gatherings since it is available in 33-pound bags. Users praised it for responding quickly to adjustments in airflow for temperature control and for maintaining a steady flame for slow cooking.


  • XL restaurant-style charcoal that is 100% natural and ideal for grilling and smoking your preferred cuisine.
  • handmade from Quebracho Wood, often known as "axe breaker"
  • Designed for intense, prolonged heat without an overabundance of smoke or sparks
  • Suitable for ceramic Kamado-style cookers like the Primo, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and others
  • South American quebracho timber is taken out of the ground without a single tree being felled.


  • Lengthy burn
  • Produces just a little sparking
  • Temperature management is simple.


  • Smaller than anticipated chunks

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Briquettes vs. Swelling Charcoal - What's the Difference?

There are two main types of charcoal: briquettes and swelling charcoal. Both have their pros and cons, as well as resemblances as well as distinctions. It is vital to understand which will be best for your smoking experience.


Briquettes are an excellent selection for your cigarette smoker, lasting longer as well as keeping a constant hot temperature. They are normally made from saw dirt and often contain other active ingredients like coal.

This sort of charcoal also tends to be significantly less expensive than swelling charcoal, however, this might suggest that ingredients like lighter fluid are in them.

Briquettes are normally compressed into smaller sizes and regular forms making it easier to lay them level in your cigarette smoker so no holes that could let fire via kind.

This indicates that there is a chance of less smoke. However, briquettes normally take longer to light as well as develop even more ash production than swelling charcoal.

Lump Charcoal

Swelling charcoal is sometimes deemed to be more advanced than briquettes. It is constructed of hardwood and all all-natural active ingredients, allowing your meat to get more of that authentic as well as crisp smoke taste.

Unlike briquettes, lump charcoal burns longer so you can make use of less of it. Nonetheless, this also suggests that once it reaches its most popular temperature it will certainly start to come down back down to tool warmth.

Swelling charcoal burns cleaner than briquettes, but it additionally melts hotter which can be a problem if you don't understand how to change the air vents on your cigarette smoker.

Why is Charcoal Needed for Smoking?

Utilizing charcoal is just one of the most preferred fuel sources for cigarette smoking meat. It often tends to be more suitable instead of various other types of cigarette smoking, like timber logs, as a result of its many pros.

Individuals that require barbecue for longer periods of time and also wish to achieve that genuine crisp smoky flavor has a tendency to choose charcoal over wood.

Unlike other smoking cigarette approaches, charcoal has a tendency to last much longer, get hotter quicker, and also develop much less smoke and also even more heavy steam and also flavor. The visual griller, additionally allows a golden brown sear to be developed around the meat and usually has a juicer cause the end.

Considerations When Getting Charcoal for Smoking Cigarettes

When it concerns picking which kind of charcoal is best for you and your cigarette smoker, there are a couple of crucial aspects every purchaser must recognize prior to making a purchase.


Relying on just how much time you wish to invest in cigarette smoking your meats is mosting likely to be a huge consider which kind of charcoal. Some charcoal heats up quickly while others take time to also catch fire.

Some charcoal can prepare meat in just thirty minutes, while others can use up a considerable quantity of time. So see to it whatever charcoal you utilize fits well right into your time frame for cooking.

Be cautious of Additives

More affordable brand names of charcoal will oftentimes include ingredients, like lighter fluid, to their swellings.

Not just will this produce a chemical taste in your food, but, it's likewise bad for the atmosphere.

These ingredients will certainly include more time in your food preparation due to the fact that you'll have to wait on the liquid to wear out prior to you start cooking.


Temperature level is a significant factor in identifying the method your meat turns out. Luckily if you recognize exactly how to use your air vents you need to be able to manage it, however, there are still some aggravations you can face.

Some charcoal can obtain as well warm also quickly, while others will reach their heat rapidly yet just minutes after will start to decrease in temperature substantially.

If you do not know exactly how to work your vents that well, it's finest that you pick charcoal that will maintain the temperature regularly.

How Do I Pick Charcoal for Smoking Cigarettes?

Charcoal is being utilized by people for a long period of time as a gas source in order to smoke and taste the meat. Whenever you remain in the marketplace to select charcoal for your cigarette smoker, you will locate a variety of options in front of you. Therefore, it is recommended to always seek some crucial functions that produce great charcoal before making a purchase.

Excellent Timing

There are various sorts of charcoal in the marketplace. A few of them catch fire easily while others require time to do so. The choice totally relies on your demand as excellent charcoal will certainly prepare the meat in simply half an hour or even less. It is recommended to go for an item that conveniently fits your food preparation time frame.

Fewer Additives

Some negative quality charcoal is integrated with additives. Not only are these ingredients bad for the environment, but they can additionally be unsafe. You have to opt for charcoal robbed of these additives to avoid chemical flavoring in your food.

Great Heat

One of the significant features of high-grade charcoal is that it provides constant and also excellent warmth to guarantee perfectly prepared meat. It is best to choose charcoal that provides constant heat and does not take long to be heated.

Less Ash

At the end of the party, among the most difficult points to do is cleaning. As a result, it is advised to select charcoal that produces less ash so you will not have to battle while taking it out of the grill. Swelling charcoals are generally preferred for this function as a result of their clean and rapid lighting.


Regardless of if you're brand-new to smoking or as experienced as they come, the type of charcoal you pick can impact your entire dish.

We recommend for the best quality and also for accomplishing that rich great smoky flavor to choose Fogo Super Costs Wood Lump Charcoal, yet if you prefer to make use of charcoal briquettes after that we suggest Kingsford Charcoal Briquettes in an easy light bag.

Every one of the choices provided above is a terrific pick and also will make certain to give you little to no trouble, making your smoking experience easy while still giving you the most effective feasible results in taste.

8 ratings