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Best Electric Smokers Under $200 in 2022

  Aug 19, 2022 7:35 AM

Here we ranked and reviewed the top 15 Best Electric Smokers Under 200 that are highly rated by customers. You can see some famous brands as Char-Broil, FCCUM, kalageen, Generic, Masterbuilt, esinkin, Cuisinart, WADEO.


Electric smokers have been really popular for a while, which has led to electric smokers being released at different prices. This has resulted in many people wondering what is the best electric smoker for under $200?

While there is rather a range of them readily available, there are a couple of them that attract attention from the rest. We have actually looked through a lot of them to determine which ones are better than the others, and why. Below is a list of our recommendations after the selection and norms. Check it out.

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1- Old Smokey Electric Smoker

The Old Smokey Electric Cigarette smoker has actually been among the leading ranked cigarette smokers under $200 for rather a long time, as well as it's easy to see why, as it has quite a substantial variety of functions to profit from. The majority of these attributes focus on making the smoker as easy to use as possible.

Looking for a smoker that will give your food that delicious smoky flavor? Look no further than the Old Smokey Electric Smoker. This smoker is equipped with a flat top, so juices drip right back onto the food, and a chip tray where you can put wood chips for smoke flavor. The smoker is controlled by a heat thermostat to allow for a wide variety of cooking times and styles.


  • Lightweight and mobile.
  • Flat leading ways juice leaks back onto the meat.
  • The warmth thermostat is easy to use.


  • May not be as long-lasting as various other models.

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2- Cuisinart Electric Cigarette Smoker


Light-weight, as well as easy-to-use electrical cigarette smokers, appear to be difficult to come across, particularly ones that are top-notch. However, there are a couple that attract attention from the rest, with the Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Cigarette smoker being just one of the highlights for a range of factors.

The Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker is the perfect way to smoke meats and vegetables on your patio or barbecue kitchen. With a spacious 548 square-inch interior, this smoker has plenty of room to get creative. The vertical footprint makes it a perfect size for smaller spaces, while the three removable stainless steel shelves make smoking large cuts of meat easy. Plus, the built-in thermometer ensures that your food is cooked perfectly every time. Whether you're an experienced smoker or just starting out, the Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker is the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking collection.

Grill to perfection every time with the help of this electric smoker. With a temperature range of 100-400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can easily grill all your favorite meats, veggies, and more. The stainless steel trays make it easy to clean up after use, and the 3-year limited warranty ensures that you're covered in case of any mishaps.


  • Easy to check out the thermostat to keep an eye on the temperature.
  • Lightweight framework for transportability.
  • Big temperature variety.


  • Smoke can come through spaces in the door.

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3- Masterbuilt Patio-2-Portable Electric Smoker


There is fairly a range of large smokers on the marketplace, although these might often be too huge for many individuals' needs. This can result in many people not knowing which little smoker to choose.

The Masterbuilt MB20073716 smoker is perfect for the at-home pitmaster. This professional-grade smoker has a sturdy build and comes with two chrome-coated smoking racks, making it easy to smoke up to 16 pounds of food at once. The included temperature gauge makes it easy to keep track of your cooking progress, while the analog temperature control lets you fine-tune the cooking process. When you're finished smoking, the legs fold under for compact storage and transport. Plus, this smoker is easy to clean – just mix 50/50 hot water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well before applying the mixture and cleaning with a soft sponge.


  • Easy dial temperature settings.
  • Foldable legs for easy storage space and transfer.
  • Can have a range of accessories added.


  • Temperature levels can be inconsistent.

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4- LANDMANN Smoky Electric Smoker


If you're searching for a somewhat mid-sized cigarette smoker, after that the Landmann MCO 32954 Smoky Hill can be highly suggested, as there are rather a large number of functions to take advantage of.

You'll be smoking like a pro with the Landmann Smoky Mountain electric smoker. This 26-inch smoker is perfect for family gatherings and parties, thanks to its 3-in-1 combination tray that lets you smoke, roast or barbecue your food. The non-insulated cooking chamber ensures even heat distribution and smoky flavor, while the LED digital timer keeps track of your cooking times. Plus, the included side wood chip loading door makes adding wood chips easy.


  • Home window display screen for keeping track of food.
  • Easy to use temperature level controls.
  • A good amount of cooking room.


  • Smoking temperature level isn't as high as various other cigarette smokers.

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5- Masterbuilt  Electric Smoker


There can be a variety of points that individuals will look for when choosing a smoker, with much of this being concentrated on ease of use as well as top-quality cooking.

These are locations where the Masterbuilt 30162EW Electric Smoker beam, as there have been rather a selection of attributes focused on both of these areas.

This Masterbuilt 30162EW Electric Smoker with Window is the perfect way to get that delicious smoked flavor without all the hassle. The new door design with window and latch lets you keep an eye on your food, while the 1500-Watt heating element and fully-adjustable temperature control let you customize your smoking experience however you like it. Plus, the double-walled construction keeps temperatures consistent for perfectly smoked food every time. And there's no need to store propane tanks around your house - this smoker runs on electricity. You even get a high temp painted wood chip box with a lid and porcelain-coated water pan, as well as three cooking grids so you can smoke up a storm.


  • Fully flexible & detachable temperature level control.
  • The door made with a home window to check the food.
  • Double-wall design to maintain smoking cigarettes temperature.


  • The heating element may not correspond.

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6- Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker


When it comes to having rather a substantial temperature level variety, a couple of smokers stand apart as high as the Smoke Hollow 26142E, which boasts a series of in-between 175 degrees as well 325-degrees Fahrenheit.

The Smoke Hollow 26142E electric smoker is your perfect smoking solution. With a 1500-watt heating element and adjustable temperature control, you can customize your smoking experience to get the perfect results every time. The two chrome-plated cooking grids can be adjusted to variable heights, and there's even a full range heat indicator so you can keep an eye on things. Plus, with side handles and a cool-touch spring wire door handle with a latch system, this smoker is easy to transport and store. The porcelain-coated water pan and chip tray make cleanup a breeze, and the 1.3 cu. Ft. cooking capacity provides plenty of room for all your smoking needs.


  • Completely flexible heating element.
  • Big temperature variety.
  • Good amount of cooking space.


  • Food preparation temperature levels can be irregular.

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7- Masterbuilt Digital Electric Cigarette Smoker


The Masterbuilt MES 130B Digital Electric Cigarette smoker is a budget-friendly electric smoker that offers a selection of noteworthy attributes, with these being rather apparent from the start. Perhaps the most considerable of these is that it consists of a patented timber chip packing system, which can offer numerous advantages.

The Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker is perfect for the professional pitmaster or beginner alike. Its digital panel controls make controlling the smoker easy, while its patented side wood chip loading system makes adding chips a breeze – even with the smoker open! And with an inside capacity of 2 turkeys, 4 pork butts, 4 racks of ribs, or 6 chickens, this smoker can handle any smoking job. The thermostat-temperature control ensures even and consistent smoking every time, while the fully-insulated body retains heat for efficient smoking.


  • Easy to use & recognize electronic controls.
  • The timber chip loading system offers much less mess.
  • Air dampener substantially includes far better smoke control.


  • The timber chip holder requires to be refilled frequently.

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8- Char-Broil Analog Electric Cigarette Smoker


If you're looking for the very best low-cost electrical cigarette smoker after that match the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker as it has rather a large variety of functions as well as advantages. One of the most notable of these is that there's a large amount of cooking area, so users ought to be able to smoke lots of meat effortlessly.

Looking to step up your smoking game? This Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker is perfect for anyone looking to smoke like a pro. With 544 square inches of cooking space, you'll be able to cook up a storm! The double-wall insulated construction ensures even heating and prevents heat loss, while the dual exhaust ports allow for balanced airflow. And thanks to the door-mounted temperature gauge and dual latches, you can keep an eye on your smoked goodies at all times. Not to mention, the washable cooking grate means easy cleanup. So grab yourself a Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker and start smoking like a boss!


  • A large amount of cooking room.
  • Easy to read temperature level scale.
  • Easy to access oil mug, timber chip tray, as well as water tray.


  • The interior temperature level could be hotter than suggested.

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Final Thought

While many people are looking for the best electric smoker under $200, it can be hard to find one that ticks all of your boxes. To make this process easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top products on the market today and what they have to offer at an affordable price point. If you don't see any models here that suit your needs or budget, then please let us know as our team has access to hundreds more options! We're happy to help you find something perfect for your kitchen space - even if it's not on our site yet. Once again, these 8 products were chosen because they include everything a new griller would need in terms of features and power. Hopefully with our guidance.

It is been really fun reviewing some of these awesome Best Electric Smokers Under $200. Now, it’s up to you to decide which product is right for you. If after looking at these products and certain ones catch your eye, we encourage you to do more research. The idea is to learn as much as you can about smoking before you purchase it.

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