Gas and charcoal grill? Both grill methods have their followers

The first roasting fans appeared after winter months, and it was debated which method of baking was best: gas grill or charcoal grill.

Here, the spirits are still often divorced. Fans of the charcoal grill are convinced of the delicious aroma of the grill dishes. Many modern professional chefs and hobby chefs are already reaching for the gas grill and are showing their grin on the barbecue with charcoal.

Because a gas grill is ready for use quickly. In addition, there is hardly any annoying smoke development. The cleaning of a gas grill is a lot more pleasant than that of a charcoal grill. That's why more and more people are investing in quality gas grills nowadays.

Gas or coal grill?

Gas and charcoal grill

Some male grill masters still like to opt for the classic grill, and therefore resort to the charcoal grill. They love the campfire romance and enjoy it when the sparks just spray. These models are usually simple. In a sliding compartment is the charcoal. Underneath there is a compartment for the ashes. On the grate, the different foods are grilled and get their much-vaunted (and partly over-rated) flavor. Modern charcoal grills can now often score with a shelf and a hot plate.

The cheering charcoal grill is a bit difficult. You often need to use lighters to help you burn the coals. The biting smoke that develops is not for everyone. The enormous heat when grilling with coal usually causes the grill master to sweat very quickly. Grilled food requires all his attention. If he does not want to serve charred food to his guests, then he has to turn his sausages, steaks, and chops all the time. If the grill is present with a grill hood, then the cooking process is accelerated.

When asked gas or charcoal grill, the gas-powered model can score even more at the time of ignition. Modern devices have a safe piezo ignition to fire the flames. A gas grill is also fast grill ready.

The charcoal in the chimney must first glow properly before you can start grilling. The grills at the gas grill are generally ready after only 15 minutes to 20 minutes and you can start. Another plus is that the burners of the gas grill can usually be controlled independently of each other.

Facts about the gas grill

With a gas grill, you can also grill on the balcony of a multi-family house if there is no explicit grill ban in your contract. The smoke and smoke stays out, so the neighborhood is not bothered. In addition, the temperature control works similar to the domestic gas stove. Another pleasant aspect is that gas is much cheaper than charcoal.

A modern gas grill usually has several barbecue areas. The burners can be controlled independently of each other. Since the temperature control in the charcoal grill can not keep up. Depending on the size and design, gas grills are often equipped with side tables and auxiliary burners. Some of the models have backburner or infrared burners.

They are also often provided with a rotisserie for preparing whole chicken and roll roast. In addition, if you are considering gas grills or charcoal before deciding that gas-powered models are also available in small versions for the balcony or for the camping trip there. A special plus point is that you can usually clean a gas-operated make easily.

However, the cost of a gas grill (it depends on the variant) is usually higher than in a conventional coal model. In addition, you need a little manual skill to build a larger grill car.

Facts about the charcoal grill

A charcoal grill takes much longer to be grilled than a gas grill. For the preparation time, you have to plan for about half an hour.

For example, if you use barbecue accelerators, the quality of your food may also suffer. As a grill master, you must be on guard, so you do not burn your specialties. Grill fans, who do not want to do without open fire and campfire romance, will choose the charcoal grill.

The cleaning is more difficult than the gas grill. You have to dispose of the ashes. In addition, you can first dismantle the unit and clean it when it has cooled down.

However, a charcoal grill usually consists of fewer components than a high-quality gas grill. It is therefore mounted faster. In addition, a charcoal grill is usually cheaper.

Gas coal grill combination

If you do not have enough space in your garden or on the terrace to set up two grills but you want to grill both coal and gas, there is a solution: the gas-coal grill. Grilling with gas and coal is possible with these practical devices. These models are suitable for the food court and for amateur chefs. With such a combination, you can satisfy all your guests.

With these space-saving devices, you do not need to compromise. There are two variants available, which you can use as you wish. They grill either gently at low temperatures or classically "smoky". As a result, you will benefit from the advantages of both types of grills.

When comparing gas grill vs. charcoal grill, you will find that both grill types have advantages and disadvantages. Grill fans, who do not want to give up their campfire romance, will continue to opt for a charcoal grill.

Modern professional and hobby grill masters, who want to prepare their grill specialties without much smoke and smoke, are more likely to use the gas grill. It offers users a lot of different functions depending on the version.


Q. The use of both a gas and charcoal grill at the same time is possible, right?

Can't decide between the ease of gas grilling and the authentic taste of charcoal-grilled food? With a gas and charcoal barbecue combination, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Indeed, you're correct in saying so.

Q. Just what is a barbecue that can use both charcoal and gas?

You enjoy a wide range of grilling options.

Meals may be prepared entirely on the Dual Fuel barbecues. There's no need to ever leave the grill to prepare a meal again thanks to the Dual Fuel's gas side, charcoal side, side burner, and/or Side Fire Box.

Q. Which, gas or charcoal grilling, is better for your health?

Cooking with gas is healthier for the environment than with charcoal because food cooked with gas releases less carcinogens than food cooked over open flame. The amount of carbon dioxide gas grills release into the atmosphere is around one-third that of charcoal grills.

Q. What are the advantages of charcoal barbecues?

Foods cooked over charcoal tend to have a smokier taste.

Since gas is a simpler molecule than charcoal, when it is entirely combusted it just releases water and carbon dioxide, making it ideal for use in smokeless cooking devices like grills. Therefore, grilling using gas is preferable for milder foods such as fish, vegetables, fruits, and other delicate stuff because of the milder taste it produces.

Q. Is it harmful to use a gas grill?

Experts agree, however, that gas cooking (using either propane or natural gas) is better for your health and the environment than charcoal grilling.

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