🥇 How to choose Smoke House BBQ Grill: ElectricGrill, Charcoal Grill, Gas Grill?

How to choose Smoke House BBQ Grill
  • From the gas, coal or electric barbecue, which is the most adapted to your needs? It’s almost summer, the barbecue is out! Horizontal, vertical, first price or luxury, fixed or not: the barbecue exists in all forms. It is nevertheless distinguished by its fuel. There are three types of barbecue: gas, coal or electric.

Which model will allow you to make the cheapest grills? See you in this folder!

  • Whether it is gas, charcoal or electric barbecue, each installation has its advantages and disadvantages. Discover them in detail below.

The charcoal grill

  • From 15 to 300 $, charcoal barbecue is the most popular type of barbecue (65% of sales).
  • We tell you right away, compared to the electric barbecue or the gas barbecue, it is THE choice of taste: an inimitable taste of grilling and smoke without drying the meat.

The gas charcoal grill:

  • You risk problems if you light a charcoal barbecue in your apartment,
  • Ignition requires some expertise (beware of the risk of burns!),
  • Ignition and cooking time is important.
  • For the choice of coal, it must not release too much volatile ash. Ideally, it should consist of at least 80% carbon. You can also burn coconut briquettes or charcoal briquettes that offer good hold.
  • Warning! Never use alcohol to burn or gas to start a fire in a charcoal grill! The risks of accidents are too great.

A small electric barbecue on the balcony?

  • Lightweight and space-saving, the electric barbecue is perfect for grilling in apartments or small gardens. It is THE urban barbecue. It represents 20% of sales. Its ignition is very simple, but the rise in temperature and cooking remains slow.
  • Prefer a high power (at least 2 kW). The main disadvantage is probably having to stay close to a socket. In any case, the use of the electric barbecue saves energy throughout your home, leaving the oven quiet during the summer season! We find from 40 to 400 €.

The electric grill on the barbecue!

  • The electric grill (15% of sales) is very popular for its speed. Warm in 5 minutes, the temperature setting is instant and accurate. Propane or butane, the cooking is homogeneous. The disadvantage of the gas barbecue is its higher purchase price (between 65 and 4000 $).

And how much is 1 hour of barbecue?

  • Depending on your choice between an electric barbecue or a gas or coal barbecue, the energy consumption will be different. For the charcoal barbecue, it should be remembered that a 5kg bag of charcoal costing on average 5 $ lasts about 5 meals an hour for 5/6 people. 1 hour of charcoal barbecue costs 1 $.
  • For an electric barbecue with a power of 2.2 kW, 1h of barbecue is, therefore, $ 0.31. (Based on the TTC rate of the optional Online Electricity offer based on April 1, 2018).
  • Regarding the gas barbecue, on the basis of a bottle of gas at 20 $ on average for 5kg, and consumption of 400g per hour, the cost is about $ 1.60 for 1h.
  • Attention, these are the costs for 1 hour of use. The gas barbecue is the most expensive over 1 hour at full power but it is the most efficient and does not require preheating or ignition laborious!

Barbecue gas grill, coal or electric grill, what choice to favor a more ecological barbecue?

  • If you want to orient your choice in relation to your environmental footprint, forget the charcoal barbecue. A charcoal barbecue cooking session can release an average of 6.8 kg of carbon dioxide. *
  • Wood and coal burn pollutants and toxic, producing greenhouse gases and fine particles of carbon dioxide. soot. Charcoal contributes to deforestation. Ignition alone is an environmental nuisance because of petroleum-based liquid firelighters.
  • However, carbon footprint of charcoal is not so bad since its combustion releases CO2 captured during the growth of the tree. However, this is the case only if you prefer French charcoal from sawmill waste or maintenance cuts of sustainably managed forests.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the gas barbecue is to be preferred: natural gas and propane burn more “clean” and cause less waste than charcoal barbecues. Moreover, they are the fastest. The electric barbecue thus takes longer to heat and will, therefore, consume more in the long run.
  • Note that manufacturers offer vertical electric barbecues said “ecological” working with wood or vegetable waste. They allow grilling on 2 sides simultaneously and vertically. Thus cooking fats do not fall into the home and do not emit toxic fumes. 20 minutes are enough to cook your meat.

Simulate your consumption

  • Before choosing a gas, charcoal or electric barbecue to meet your needs, take a look at the energy consumption of your household to guide your final choice.
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