Wood Pellets For Smoking - Buying Guide

Pellet grills are made to utilize particularly made wood pellets instead of charcoal or items of real timber. What are Best Wood Pellets For Smoking? Essentially, they're compressed sawdust.

What are Wood Pellets For Smoking and How are They Made?

They are made from little bits of real wood, typically restored from lumber mills. (Waste not, desire not!) The wood is shredded into little items and also dried out before being required via an extremely small hole in a die.

The compression causes lignin, an all-natural polymer in plant cells, to heat up and soften. After traveling through the die, the lignin cools down as well as solidifies and imitates glue, holding the wood in the pellet shape. When shaped, they're cut into brief lengths and also packaged.

Whether you have actually a complete-sized pellet grill or a portable pellet grill, you're tied into pellets as your gas of selection and also will certainly be using them for every chef.

Heating Pellets Aren't the Same as Barbecue Smoking Pellets

We'll review this more in a bit, yet it is necessary to explain the distinction.

There are unflavored timber pellets available, and also they're made similarly to smoking cigarettes or cooking pellets. Nevertheless, they're not meant for grills. Instead, they created pellet ovens used for home heating houses.

Do not make the error of grabbing heating pellets and afterward ask yourself why your ribs aren't smoky and also tasty!

What are the Best Pellet Flavors for Smoking Cigarettes?

It's a little bit of a weird thing to speak about the flavor of timber, but that's what establishes cigarette smoking in addition to charcoal or gas cooking!

Smoking Pellets Do Not all Offer the Same Preference

There are a lot of various timber pellet tastes you can pick from. It's tough to state what the very best smoke flavor is, it is a matter of point of view. Nevertheless, some tastes lend themselves to particular foods better than others. Right here are a few instances of the very best smoking timbers:

  • Alder-- salmon, fowl, game birds
  • Apple-- poultry, pork, lamb, fish and shellfish
  • Cherry-- all meats
  • Hickory-- pork and also ribs
  • Maple-- chicken, veggies, cheese
  • Mesquite-- red meat
  • Oak-- all meats, typically combined with various other wood
  • Pecan-- poultry
  • Walnut-- red meat, video game

Mixing flavors is likewise enjoyable. What will your best combination be?

100% Flavored Timber Vs. Blended Pellets

Though there are lots of flavors, essentially there is 3 various types of smoker pellets to choose from:

  • Seasoned timber
  • Blended
  • Standard

Let's have a glance at each kind:

Flavored Wood Pellets

These are made from 100% flavorful wood and no filler. The filler is usually oak, which sheds well but contributes little taste of its very own. These are the most expensive pellets.

Combined Timber Pellets

Blends blend filler as well as flavorful wood to maintain costs down. Normally, the proportion has to do with 30% flavorful timber to 70% filler.

Standard Pellets

Made entirely of wood with little to no flavor in homes, these pellets are generally scheduled for home heating.

Pellet Grill Issues are Commonly Caused (as well as Fixed!) by the Pellets Themselves

Automated pellet cigarette smokers are outstanding. They monitor their very own temperature and include pellets as required to hold at whatever temperature level you establish it to. At the very least, that's what they're meant to do.

Many pellet grillers find themselves dealing with extremely rising and falling temperature levels. That's the last thing you want when you're smoking an enormous brisket all day!

It might seem that the issue lies in the grill, however, usually, it's the pellets that are the reason.

The bark is Wonderful on Your Brisket, Out Your Pellets

You could assume that seeing bark on your pellets suggests they're even more natural and consequently higher quality. Sort of like seeing a little bit of potato skin on fresh-cut fries, right? Not the case.

You can get pellets with or without bark, however, we advise bark-less.

The bark doesn't burn at the same rate as wood, which can result in irregular temperatures. And also, they leave more ash. That can cause your grill to misinterpret the internal temperature level, as well as it makes a bigger mess for you to clean.

Wood Pellets Vary in High Quality

Does not every little thing, though? In our testimonials and also round-up, we'll guide you clear of the inexpensive things, however right here are some points to be knowledgeable about if you're purchasing pellets by yourself.

Inadequately pressed pellets won't hold together as well as may crumble when the auger pulls them in, or as you're scooping or putting them from the bag. That indicates they won't melt well, leading to lower temperature levels, inadequate smoke, and generally an undesirable time for you.

So prior to you acquiring, check the bag for dirt at the bottom. If there's a great deal, that implies they're falling apart already. Stay clear of it!!

So, prior to you condemn your temperature level issues on your grill as well as begin purchasing substitute components, try changing to a far better brand and see if that doesn't deal with the trouble.

Do I Have to Make Use Of Traeger Pellets in My Traeger Grill?

Among the leaders in the pellet, the grill group is Traeger. Being the wise company that they are, they sell not just pellet grills and cigarette smokers but also their own brand of wood pellets. The implication is, certainly, that you should utilize Traeger pellets in a Traeger grill. In fact, they even caution you that making use of various other brands will certainly nullify your guarantee. Electronic device companies have actually been doing this sort of point with accessories for many years.

The reality is, while Traeger makes very good pellets, it is not essential to use them in your Traeger grill. Additionally, it would be pretty darn hard for them to verify using somebody else's pellets triggered any guarantee issues.

What is important is to utilize good-quality pellets and also stay away from cheaply made things that can potentially foul up your food and also your grill.


Q. Do wood pellets provide a pleasant smoke when used in a smoker?

Wood pellets are an excellent alternative if you have a pellet smoker already and are looking for a fuel source that is easy to use and produces reliable results. Stick with smoking chunks for the finest taste and the most genuine smoking experience if you're using a more conventional smoker.

Q. What's better for smoking, wood chips or pellets?

Pellets provide a more robust smoke taste and take longer to burn than wood chips. Further, they may be utilized to cook more varieties of meat due to their greater burning temperatures compared to wood chips. In contrast, wood chips may be used straight off the tree.

Q. To use a smoker, do wood pellets need to be soaked?

Does soaking wood pellets help? No. Water is unnecessary for wood pellets. Because wood pellets are produced from compressed sawdust, they dissolve when submerged in water or other liquids for an extended period of time.

Q. Are foods smoked with pellets safe to eat?

The health benefits of using a pellet grill have not been shown, according to scientists. A taste test conducted for this article comparing a pellet grill with a charcoal barbecue found inconsistent results when it came to enhancing the flavor of the food.

Q. In terms of smoke taste, which pellets are the best?

It all depends on the pellets you use. Hardwood pellets, which last far longer than fruit wood pellets, are the greatest choice for smoking. The most popular kind of wood pellet for grilling is hickory. This is because hickory wood imparts a robust taste that works well with many different types of meat.

Q. Is it costly to buy pellets?

A typical price for wood pellet fuel is $250 per ton. Fuel for a traditional wood stove, measured in cords, costs around $200. During the course of a year, the typical household will go through around 6.5 cords of wood, or 7.3 tons of pellet fuel.

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